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Fashion illustrations

I find fashion a great inspiration as it’s a bit less serious than fine arts.

It’s playful and treats colour and shape with an excessive dose of creativity and – of course – it’s human made and for humans.

It’s a constant change and search of the new. There are so many different approaches to fashion that I find myself inspired to create unlimited quantity of images inspired by new trends and tendencies every day. I am also interested in the

annalea karlie

Fashion illustrations created with acrylic ink on canvas, 43x60cm.
Nat role of models, their delicacy and quiet perfectionism. They are there, to compliment the work of art they are wearing but they keep calm, not to disturb the statement of the garment they have on. There’s a certain humbleness about their work that appeals to me and simply asks for being captured.


I was born with an idea.
I drew: what I felt, what I knew and what I experienced. I drew what I dreamed.
I was the girl that made twenty Mother’s Day cards at school to help her friends out. I was the one with shortest pencils, who never listened, but always passed from one year to another making posters for classrooms and decorating halls. I forgot about homework, but never left home without a sketchbook.
One day I saw a woman: lying on her side and looking at her reflection. I fell in love; her name was ‘Venus with a mirror’, she was a child of Velazquez and she made me a painter. I just started one day and never stopped.
Illustration is my tool for interpreting the reality. Together we can make it special; cooperate and express your moods and feelings. I can make a drawn record of your memories, but not just plain, flat memories: I’ll make sure you also remember your emotions and states of mind. I’ll make them unforgettable. I want to know who you are and make your illustration unique; I want it to be made by both of us. Let’s share observations and ideas. Let me be your hands.