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Fear series

Fear series

Fear series


Before us the works of student Teachers College, which are not incurred as part of the educational program, but the testimony of the deep needs of the young man to express himself.
Twenty works of drawings, studies, paintings, reduced colors, different techniques, theme materials, combines artistic question: ‘What is happening to us?’. 1453231_10208474099552317_2167462082829755413_n

When a young man painting works of existential anxiety, even alarming deprivation to the document on time, which is a warning bell.
Titles in this direction loneliness, loss of identity, social hopelessness, dramatic questioning the origin of anguish.
Many of these works would be signed as a mature artist footprint calculation courtship, pandering, naked and brutal forces and even cry that reminds reaches emotional clarity that could lead thoughts towards decoding identity and ruthlessness present. 10259324_10208474784609443_7772350438004266483_n

Ease, relaxation and ease of trivial life, disappearing consumer society, replaced almost daily adjustment of economic circumstances present time.
There are new programs every few years, successful mobile phones, a man would have to leave their lazy, the same …
It can be said that Filipovic portraits without identity, a metaphor of the Information Age that began to be and that they do not feel comfortable. 12391438_10208460562053888_270591173226191086_n

Effort suffering is greater than the effort to adapt.
These drawings and paintings, with their visuals sense of structure, logic artistic achievements, point the way to nothing, it focuses on a personal issue and find solutions.