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Feminine energy and power in portraits by artist Vinka Gasparus

Feminine energy and power in portraits by artist Vinka Gasparus.

Vinka Gasparus was born in 1987. in Zagreb, Croatia. She received the master’s degree from Academy of Applied Arts Rijeka, Croatia, majoring in painting.

Vinka is a figurative painter. Mostly focused on portraits and nudes, she is seeking inspiration in her friends and family. In latest series she is exploring women’s strenght, intuition, bond with themselves. She sees her muses as shamans, priests, witches…everything what is returning to woman’s true nature. Sixth sense. Woman wolf. Bones represent the foundation of self, truth, symbolize the indestructable life. Her oil paintings are delicate, romantic but in the same time strong, they are showing complexity of human nature and character. They are a reminder of the power of feminine energies.

www.vinka-gasparus.comwww.facebook.com/vinkaart/  | www.instagram.com/vinkaart/


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