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Fighting against Panic Attack

I am Jaime, a South Korean illustrator who suffered major depression and panic disorder almost 10 years.

All of the submitted works were painted when I endured the internal pain, alone, while every works suggest the process of “Attack.”
You must be curious why I submit these works. Because I have a strong belief: such an unveiled expression is good not only to be the patient’s healing procedure, but also to improve the social understanding on mental disability. I believe my small step forward could be a cornerstone to reach the goal.

1. LETHAL 2. LETHAL 2 3. LETHAL 3 4. ASSAULTED 5. ASSULTED 2 6. ASSULTED 3 7. MEDICINE 8. PETRIFIED 9. TRANQUILIZED 10. UNBOUNDThank you for reading my reason and small belief.