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Filmmaker | Designer | Photographer Fatemeh Fadaei Darestani

Filmmaker | Designer | Photographer Fatemeh Fadaei Darestani
Iran -Tehran

Fatemeh Fadaei Darestani Fatemeh Fadaei Darestani Fatemeh Fadaei Darestani


Iran_Guilan | Fateme Fadaee Darestani

– Education
. M.A in Directing Animation
. B.A in Graphic Designer
. Associate Degree CG

– Experience
. Coaching Licence of Visual Arts and IT
. WE [Independent] | Director,Screenwriter,Producer, Designer, Editor
. GAME [Independent] | Director,Screenwriter,Producer, Designer, Editor
. Piano | Decoupage, Storyboard, Sound Designer, Editor
. Black Heart | Editor, Sound Designer
. Screamer | Film Credit Titles and Graphic Artist
. Graphic Designer
-[University of California -Irvine] Persian distinguished Oud Maestro Mansour Nariman
-[University of Art, Tehran] Ceremony of unveiling the book of Maestro Mansour Nariman
-[University of Art Sooreh-Tehran] Commemoration of Martyr Professor Hossein Fahimi

– Honors & Awards
. Award Winner Best Shorts Competition , California , United States
. Semi-Finalist in Hollywood Screenings Film Festival , United States
. Semi-Finalist in San Mauro Film Festival-STIFF-Italy
. Nominated WIND International Film Festival in Hollywood
. Official Selection of West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival
. Official Selection of Cefalu Film Festival-Italy
. Official Selection of Berlin Flash Film Festival-Germany
. Official Selection of Terni Film Festival-Italy
. Official Selection of Safe community international film fest-Iran
. Official Selection of Sayeh Film Festival-Iran
. Raad Charity Rehabilation Complex -Computer Graphics Master
. Appreciation Certificate

-The 2nd International Exhibition and Conference on Role of Women in Sustainable Development (Entrepreneurship,Employment) By Soheila Jolodarzadeh (Women’s Advisor to the Ministry of Industry,Mining and Trade & a member of the Parliament of Iran representing Tehran, …)  http://fatemesaba.art/

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