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Fintan Magee |Street Art

Fintan Magee is an Australian street artist known for his murals .

Fintan Magee has also painted many murals Internationally in such places as, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Colombia, United States, Tunisia, Scotland, England, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, Germany and Belgium and has exhibited works on paper, prints and Installations internationally. Magee was born in the NSW Town of Lismore. Magee grew up in Brisbane, Queensland and gained a reputation as a graffiti artist before obtaining a Fine Arts degree and moving to Sydney. Magee’s work is recognized for its lack of a political message, compared to other street artists, and its humor.

‘Woman with Aloe Vera Plant’ Sapri, Italy , Massive thanks to Incipit Art for making this happen. Based on Grant Woods painting ‘Woman with Plants’ This painting depicts a local woman in the small town of Sapri in South of Italy. The mural references the social realist tradition of painting regular people within their working environment and celebrates the role of motherhood in South Italian communities.

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Fintan Magee |Street Art