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The First Paper Cut Is The Deepest

Animals, classic cartoons and bright colors have always been a constant in award-winning paper artist, Laura Yager’s life. Although Laura is older now, she has retained an unsinkable hope and cheery outlook that translates into whimsical cut paper artwork with a tangible innocence.

"Blue Pop Pachyderm"

“Blue Pop Pachyderm”





As seen on HGTV, Laura says her paper art boasts no hidden messages or concealed agendas. In a world already anxious & burdened down with heavy news, Laura likes to create art that lifts up, lightens and refreshes.

"Pumpkin, the Party Crasher"

“Pumpkin, the Party Crasher”



She doesn’t deny that the world has problems, but knows it’s unhealthy to focus on such problems twenty four hours a day. The self-taught artist’s goal is to create art reminiscent of simpler childhood times that produces a blissful escape.






"Love Is Blind"

“Love Is Blind”

Also being an animal lover, Laura draws inspiration from the animal kingdom. The limitless variety and personality of each individual creature speaks to her through vivid colors and bold patterns. And the comfort, laughter and friendship they bring into the world is something Laura hopes is seen and felt in all her work.

"Hippo Holiday"

“Hippo Holiday”

Laura’s methods are unlike most classically trained  artists. Laura uses scissors and glue instead of paintbrushes and pigments. She cuts and shapes vivid papers into pieces to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. Not only are her artworks bright in color, but they’re large in scale also. Thus making Laura’s “happy” art impossible to ignore!

Ray Catchin' Roo

Ray Catchin’ Roo

So no matter if it’s a beloved pet portrait or a silly sunbathing kangaroo, each of Laura Yager’s paper pictures can be seen bringing smiles upon the faces of every age group all across the globe.

BIG Kitty

BIG Kitty

image image

Warm Reception

Warm Reception

image image

"Boston Blue"

“Boston Blue”

image image image image