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Florschach: Rorchach Art Series by Dennis Gatz

Florschach: Rorchach Art Series by Dennis Gatz.

Florschach is a fluid rorschach art series. It is an interpretation of Projective Identification which is an unconscious fantasy in which aspects of the self or an internal object are extruded or projected onto another person. The projected aspects may be felt by the projector to be either good or bad and may be accompanied by an unconscious desire for the projected behavior to be displayed by the receiving party. This was first identified by Melanie Klein.

The series involves several images featuring model, Bella Donna Fernandez, photographed and designed by Dennis Gatz. The aim was to bring about introspection and help identify if behavior observed in others is real or merely our own projections and hence our own expectations.


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Florschach: Rorchach Art Series by Dennis Gatz.