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Flower / Girls

Flower / Girls is a digital art collection of Victoria De Los Reyes that depicts how a real girl would be depicted if she were a flower. This is a passive aggressive statement against the stereotyping of women and the feminine image as a whole, embracing also those that have transcended their image issues and decided to openly make themselves a woman despite being born male.

a perfect flower


A Perfect Flower (is bisexual) is inspired by the concept of a “perfect” flower in the botanical sense which means having both stamens and carpels. This symbolizes how an individual can complete one’s self and define one’s own beauty.


L (we remember taupe)

G (rainbow pride flower)

B (I'm sure)


“LGBT” is a collection celebrating the freedom of expression of sexuality and identity. This is a statement that every individual is free to define himself or herself even while belonging to a group.






growns into you (inside a bubble)


“Grows into you (inside a bubble)” symbolizes how we can make our inner beauty shine even with society’s attempts to stereotype us.



“Winter Flower” is a nod to the girl who is afraid to show her true self, with a note that, eventually, who we truly are will come out and make us beautiful.