Flower photography series | Ashraful Arefin

Ashraful Arefin.

My photographs are an expression of personal experiences and realisations, combined with artist’s imagination and creative storytelling.

Often whimsical, with a dreamy feel, yet the elements are utterly taken from real life. Flowers are always one of the favourite subject of mine to photograph. By using elements and flowers, I create a moment which allows the viewers to see the usual world as a place to dream, to appreciate the simple beauties around us. There’s always an endeavour to deliver a positive vibe to viewers, to remind that beauty still remains in this earth. 

Wishful,Flower photography series | Ashraful Arefin


Marigold days,Flower photography series | Ashraful Arefin

Marigold days

Moment in time,Flower photography series | Ashraful Arefin

Moment in time

Cup of spring,Flower photography series | Ashraful Arefin

Cup of spring

Lucid dreams

Lucid dreams



April stories

April stories

Whimsical flower photography



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