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“Flowering Time” on a paintings of Anna Masiul-Gozdecka

“Flowering Time” on a paintings of Anna Masiul-Gozdecka.

Anna Masiul-Gozdecka is a painter based in Poland. She draws inspiration from nature, showing man’s relationship with nature, as well as music and dance. Color is very important in her painting, as the essence of poetry and emotions. It emphasizes the delicacy and mystery or strength and dynamics of the character. Anna, as one of the few artists, specializes in figurative and abstract painting. Her work is variable, searching, but having a strong technical base as well as in the way of thinking and creating: she considers painting as a form of creating dreams or other worlds.

https://agozdecka.art.pl ; https://www.facebook.com/AGozdecka/ ; https://www.instagram.com/agozdecka_art/

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"Flowering Time" on a paintings of Anna Masiul-Gozdecka