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alkyd, nitro, oil painting on canvas, 167x123cm, 2018

This painting was inspired by nature, its physical and chemical changes and human emotions.
My art activity is beyond the physical object and is reaching the human body directly through the touch, the taste and the other senses. The observation of the processuality is for me the most important part of my art journey.
In my works I’m turning on the process of crystallization, rotting, growing, dying, destruction, drying, breaking, racking, smelling. Objects, which I’m creating are breaking very often and the audience has the possibility to participate in this process – through the touch, formation, deformation or just by observation the changes.
Important for me is also a simply art act, the whole journey, not only the final stage of the process, time of creation, not just the object.
I’m inspired by unknown areas, crossing borders, getting satisfaction from little experiences, creating extreme situations and pushing emotions to the limits – subtle and at the same time disarming.
The base of all my action is human and time.


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