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FLY – A Book of Inspiration, Art & Extraordinary Stories

Come FLY with us on a journey of Pen & Ink Drawings, Written Narrative and Amazing Human Stories. Find Your Inspiration, FLY!

What is FLY?

A collection of 49 everyday extraordinary people who have done the impossible, and through the mediums of art and written narrative we collated them into a book.

We are Liron & Shira – two sisters, artists who spread inspiration and motivation around the world through the mediums of art and overwhelming stories.

We fought the darkness, defied the despondency and the desperation one is too often exposed to. We choose to express hope with an artistic point of view through stories of heroic humans.

Our vision and dream is to fill your senses with strength, empowerment, determination and self-fulfillment as you flick through the pages of FLY.

FLY tells the personal stories of 49 extraordinary people, some are known and famous people and some are anonymous but spectacular, such as; Leonardo Da Vinci, Beethoven, Coco Chanel, Pelé, Karina Chikitova, and many more soon to be revealed – They are FLY’s FIGURES !