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Foam Of the Waves

“Sculptures to Wear”. From architecture to jewelry and sculpture she likes to work and create in different scales without any thematic restrictions

Sabrina Fresko was born in Istanbul. She attended a French high school and studied architecture in Université de Paris VII. She completed her architecture degree at the Mimar Sinan
University in Istanbul.
Sabrina Fresko has worked as a freelance architect and interior designer She began working on sculpture and jewellery design in 1995 and in October 2003 she founded Simya Gallery with
an inaugural exhibition of her jewelry : ” What Space is to Body, Body is to Jewelry”. Simya Galeri is Sabrina Fresko’s atelier where she runs workshops on contemporary jewellery
and sculpture, and hosts sculpture and jewelry exhibitions .

Given Sabrina Fresko’s training in architecture, which supports the basic foundations of design, she believes sculpture and jewelry design belong to a similar world of forms.
Her works can be analysed in 3 groups ;
1. Sculptures realized in different scales and materials .
2. Sculptures & Jewellery with kinetic, dynamic and variant
geometric forms.
3. Jewelry created with silver, gold and coloured resin coated
wires by using weaving techniques on metal.
Considering the body as an exhibition space is a basic principle
in all of Sabrina Fresko’s jewelry designs that she calls
“Sculptures to Wear”. From architecture to jewelry and
sculpture she likes to work and create in different scales
without any thematic restrictions



Visions of  the sea, the foam of the waves and Sabrina Fresko’s emotional collaboration with them. Sculptures of varied sizes but with almost identical form and movement, evocate the soft and repetitive tides of the waves. These sculptures, rather than being direct depictions of the sea, are the visualizations the artist has, of watching the sea from the shore; the dreams she has while slowly floating in the sea and the emotions these dreams give her



The form is borne out of my imagination and creates a medium where I can share my feelings and ideas. I get closer to the movements of the sea , the waves , the wind and the calm whenever I touch the sculpture.






dalga ahşap -



dalga bronz )
Further information on her work can be found on her website :