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Critical paintings ensured conversation and confusion during the exhibition “Mahlzeit” (that means: Have a good meal) in UpperAustria.

All pictures are made of best and real food like: styrian pumpkin seed oil – and that’s the point: 

this was nearly the same as my experience with the old engine-oil – and with this pumpkin seed oil i started a portrait-series of poor and hungry african children.


followed by: 

The exhibition “Hungry Eyes” was really awesome and was during the Upper Austrian exhibition “meal” which was only about enjoying food and cooking –
There I wanted to put this “terrible” statement and the curators were brave enough to take me in there –
Visitors were shaken, thoughtful and also irritated and stired, to be stared right in the abundance of the issuance of the sad eyes of the children.

Finally I could generate with this 6 portraits more than 12,000 euros, which I forwarded to an AIDS orphanage in Zimbabwe –

A missionary nun there was really very, very much aligned with the money – That was the greatest and most meaningful project I’ve ever done – helping is really so very good – also for the own soul –

Now I’m getting letters by the Missionary Nuns and also photos of their grateful kids regularly.

 Paintings are still available, because i never sold them completely, i just offered sponsorship for a certain time.

After this, the paintings come back to me.

I hope you can show my art at art people gallery –

 Sorry for my bad english – school is far away :

Best regards & Thank you

Chris Rosenberger