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The forest answers in the same way one shouts at in

The forest answers in the same way one shouts at in is a story about Finnish nature found in forests. We are the voice of the forest and when the forest shout, we need to respond. People need forests more than just making money. The forest is scary, comforting, magical and powerful at the same time. The photographs in the series mix reality and dreams, link to the ancient myths related to the forest and modern and at the same time the photographs reflect the relationship between man and nature.

“The creative process of my photography is me wondering in the nature, searching for unusual places and elements shaped by nature. It is in these discoveries that I build my world of images where beauty, freedom and wildness intertwine. I seek and explore the boundaries between humans and nature. Creating art is always in one way or another immersing myself in nature and observing the wonders of nature, which I approach as a poetess would.


sleeping with the rock_2016_pigmentprint_framed_50cmxx50cm