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Your Forests in the City by Milly Martionou

milly martionou


“Your Forests In the City”

After the “Cosmic Energy” series, the artist Milly Martionou introduces us to sleepless imaginary locations. I would say that through her new theme ‘’Your Forests in the City’’ the spectators result in the leading actors of the canvas since the power and the beat of the picture challenge them to immerse into the world of colours and meanings. The trunks and the trees, the leaves and the shadows and somewhere about a pinch of soil whole dressed in flowers, brings to mind the fall.

You can select

Your own forest

/into the city/

It’s breathing

Deep and at other time blue or covered in colorful


Never forget, it’s always the time for real emotions

Nikolena Kalaitzaki,




instagram @millymartionou



4. Forest in the city (trapped)



7. Forest in the city 31.12



6. Forest in the city



5. Forest in the city 18.11



3. Forest in the city (this is my world)



2.Forest in the city 11.12



1.Forest in the city 20.10