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Four Elements | Martin’s Art Workshop

Four Elements | Martin’s Art Workshop.

THE FOUR ELEMENTS. Earth, Air, Fire Water.

A subject, that has inspired many artists. It has been overseened in many directions, some quite materialistic and others – a little bit more esoterical. Can we fully understand the matter of the Elements? Can we use other words like foundation, flight, passion and time? Are those in some ways connected to these known powers and why? Or are these the four corners of the human, connected by the soul? I think they are. Every person needs to find his ground, where he can start building his individuality. This is his balance. His home. The Earth. The air – his dreams, elevating his spirit. The transformation of thoughts. The second piece of the puzzle, the second step after the foundations. The constructing of matter. Fire – an irreplaceable part of the equasion. Our inspiration. The connection to the higher energies. Love and beauty. The only impulse a person has for creating a new world. And water – why time? Some say time is a river running in parallel with every other obstacle. Every thought, every emotion. There is no beginning and no end, a constant matter, filling up the space that is given to it. So there are – the four elements of each person, connected in a work of art. A silver necklace, based on these not so materialistic thoughts – a touch of esoterics. And it’s function – the ability of changing the rocks, representing each element – marble, pink quarts, red jasper and crystal. Each rock has it’s own qualities and powers, which, based on the symbolicity of the elements, can be powerful healing amulet, when the bearer understands it’s properties.Four Elements | Martin's Art Workshop



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