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Four Seasons life

Life is not easy sometimes is really hard but still is beautiful,so mend your heart and enjoy your ride…

Flames of Autumn Oak Leaves Reunion in the mist Naked majesty solitude Stay alive

Winter walks

Winter walks

Life goes on Dancing in the fog Spring is coming

I’m Mohsen Moghadam from Iran , I was born and raised in the north of Iran, close to the Hyrcanian ancient forests , my first true friends were trees and my play ground woods for me every single tree has its own personality , they will talk to you and will reveal their secrets , I feel the woods that way , and I’m trying to depict their beauty and majesty ,photography is my passion , I don’t care about the gears , honestly camera is nothing when you have nothing to say with , I’ve captured my best pictures with my cheapest camera ( Canon ELF 115 IS ) .
thank you for visiting.
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