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Fractured Dimensions

A single photograph is usually constrained to a fraction of a second, the time in which the camera’s shutter opens and closes, and a single point of view. Combining multiple photographs (and video) together to form montages brings new dimensions of time and motion, flexible perspectives and physical depth.

Montages are more like a paintings, in that reality can be manipulated artistically. Typically with a single photo (that has not been manipulated,) the photographer captures an image of reality – whatever is before the camera. Creating montages with photographs and video, shot over a period of time and from different points of view, allows me to create art of a somewhat cubist nature.

English painter David Hockney worked with photo ‘joiners’ in the 1980’s. Back then his ideas about time and perspective fascinated and inspired me to explore this artistic medium for myself. Now using digital equipment I am able to incorporate more diverse photographic techniques and video into my montages as I continue to explore new dimensions with my artwork.

Print montages can consist of just a few small photographs or be hugely complex combinations of hundreds of images. Often times the fewer photos there are to work with in a montage, the more difficult it is to find a flow. Creating visual lines through the montages helps hold them together. Achieving this cohesion is vital to insure the finish piece is pleasing to the eye. Every print is positioned and stuck down with care. Over time, some prints may pull away a little from the backing, this is an intended occurrence adding a physical depth to the artwork.

Progressing from an inspiration to a finished piece is always an interesting journey that can at times take many months, or just a day or two. With the video montages especially the initial concept can metamorphisize while the work is in progress. During the production of most montages changes occur organically as each layer is manipulated into position.

My video montages can be seen here


Ducati small Iron Bridge small Mirror small Sky Lantern small Songtao small P.-Thamnu-small Saamlor