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This very precise moment of decision-making, he crystallized it under the shape of ” human metamorphoses “.

You can check out more of thiswork on his website: http://www.frederic-dussoulier.sitew.fr/ or on his facebook page : frédéric dussoulier.

Photo credit’s: F. Prudhomme et Osman Badat


The Revolt

red 17


Photo credit : F. Prudhomme


Photo credit : F. Prudhomme


Born in 1977, Frédéric DUSSOULIER was formed at the Companion’s of France, in the section stained-glass window.

He integrates then into 2003, the international school of contemporary glass of Barcelona.
Selected twice in 2003 to represent France in contemporary art to saint Hippolyte’s symposia of the Fort (France) and Porto (Portugal), he creates in 2005 his own workshop under the name of Icubus within the collective “The Big Barge ” in Montpellier.
He creates in 2008 his range of T-Shirt ” Magic ” in the form of a series of 10 models.
He participates, in 2009 and 2010, in the big parade ” Taou ” where he realizes the projections on building as well as the articulated machine ” Cyclops “.
Finalist in 2010 of the international competition ” Asset thread “, he dashes into the creation of stage set as well as in the realization of the room” Controlled Skid ” with the partnership of the artist Aude Bironneau.
Further to a crossing of Europe by bicycle solo, he decides in 2012 to join the Reunion Island.

Exposed very fast, in particular to the Saint Leu’s national Academy, he finds a certain gratitude there, rewarded by the third price of the General Council on the theme of the urban embellishment on 2013.
A scenographic collaboration on the last show of the company Morphose, overseen by the artist Gorg One follows itself during year.
After one and a half working year on the theme of the “Metamorphosis”, he presents his quite new exhibition today « TENSIONS