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Zhanna Liner

I am a Russian artist, born in the heart of what is now the Russian Federation, in a small town founded by Ivan the Terrible, famous for it’s ancient majestic monasteries, as well as art schools and the artists that studied there.Then at an early age moving to Vilnius, Lithuania and growing up in an ar tistic family I have acquired a longing and a passion for art from early childhood.The unique experience of a close-knit intellectual community of Soviet life has had a strong influence on the dramatic quality of my work. I’ve lived in several places around the world eventually settling in West Hollywood.
I am primarily self- taught, but have been strongly influenced by the Classical Russian School represented by such greats as Ilya Repin,Valentin Serov, Leon Bakst, as well as other past and contemporary names – John Singer Sargent, Anders Zorn, Jeffrey R.Watts and Alex Kanevsky.
In my work I aim to express the luminous quality of light through the contrast of light and darkness attempting to articulate the deep emotional content of the chosen subject. My hope as an artist is that the viewer will experience the depth, feel the emotion and find a unique personal meaning in my paintings.Liner, Million Years Liner, Waiting Liner, Trinity Liner, Little Girl IMG_6323 Liner, Ashley