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french artist camille walala transforms old gas station into a colorful landmark

french artist camille walala transforms old gas station into a colorful landmark.

CAMILLE WALALA is purveyor of positivity, expressed through vibrant colour and bold pattern. Her work, from the micro to the macro, harnesses optimistic typography and exuberant geometries to create environments that stimulate the senses and inspire joy.

A graduate in textile design from the University of Brighton, she established her namesake brand in East London in 2009, and continues to live and work there today. Her practice has taken her all over the world to transform homes and workspaces with her signature tribal-pop style. Drawing on influences including the Memphis Movement, the Ndebele tribe and op-art master Victor Vasarely, Walala has an irrepressible enthusiasm for playful, graphic patterns that invoke a smile in all who view them.

Recent years have seen her progress from her popular textile-based work to encompass art direction and interior design. Finding that her style translates powerfully to larger surfaces and installations, she is now working with greater scope and at greater scale than ever before, with an overriding ambition to imbue the world’s urban landscapes with eye-popping colour and soulstrirring energy.

Clients include: Harrods, Sarenza, Armani, The Other Art Fair, Natuzzi, Better Bankside, Naked Heart Foundation, Topshop, Swatch, Nike, Ted Baker, Art Fund, Selfridges, ES Magazine, Marie Claire, Converse, Facebook, Nintendo, XOYO, Koppaberg, Bompas & Parr, Darkroom, Barbican Festival, Land of King, Urban Outfitters, Caterpillar, Sydney Koskela, Facebook, Splice TV, Converse, ARIA London.

artist: camille walala
curator/producer: justkids
title: walala pump & go
location: grand avenue and 11th street, fort smith, arkansas

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