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To frolic is to play or move about in a cheerful and lively way. That is the aim of this particular body of recent art works, Frolicking. It is to remind people that they have a choice of creating dramas in life and seeing only the ugly or changing their perception and glimpsing the beautiful and maintaining their humour and playful spirit when faced with negativities and suffering.

Armed with the knowledge that life is impermanent, we choose to play with it, frolic with all the rest of life beings; goats, fish, birds that has been entrusted to our care. Not use and abuse them because we lack compassion and understanding, but realize that we are all connected. Just as nature is part of our orenda to be tended lovingly and not just destroyed for personal benefit, but treated with respect, even as we utilize it to live.

We can choose to frolic or lament through our days, it is up to us, and how we handle what life brings. Looking after animals and nature, instead of just selfishly using them makes for a light-hearted approach to living.

Bullish.FROLICKING FUN | Eva Lewarne

Feeling Bullish.FROLICKING FUN | Eva Lewarne

Bullish Ride.FROLICKING FUN | Eva Lewarne


Eva Lewarne.

EVA LEWARNE is a painter, photographer, designer and poet. She studied Fine Art at OCAD (Ontario College of Art) and English at U of T (University of Toronto). Her work has been shown at the Salon Grand Palais in Paris, the Chapelle de la Sorbonne, Jadite Gallery In New York, Gallery Moos and Bezpala-Brown Gallery in Canada, among others. She is represented in public and private collections in Canada, the U.S. France, and Germany. She taught painting, drawing and design in places like Ryerson University, First Interactive College and The Board of Education. She has curated a number of group exhibitions. Ms. Lewarne was born in Poland and came to Canada after completing high school.