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from conceptualization through realization | Pojhan Studio

from conceptualization through realization | Pojhan Studio.


Pojhan Studio is an Los Angeles based Art and Architectural Fabrication studio dedicated to the art and craft of creating engaging environmental art with lasting presence.

Pojhan Studio provides a full range of art and architectural fabrication services including site planning, construction documents, construction administration and observation. The studio has employed inventive and creative design solutions to projects at a wide range of scales from large multi-family residential communities, to commercial centers, intimate residential gardens, and meticulously crafted sculptural works.


We are a process driven studio. Through creative explorations, we seek hands-on knowledge of the physical and psychological qualities of the raw materials of our trade through the process of constructing sculptural works. Through these studies, we gain not only profound material intimacy, but also the technical skills to understand how elements of the earth and man-made raw materials may be layered, abstracted, assembled, or fabricated to produce artful and meaningful outcomes. This strong understanding of materiality and build ‘know how’ gives us an edge from conceptualization through realization, and forms the backbone for our design/build and construction services; which in turn, informs insightful knowledge in the design process.



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