Fusionism / Fusion between painting and sculpture in a single material (modeling clay)

I choose to get the best of art because art is my air and I can’t choose another way of breathing.

FUSIONISM.: This style is the proposal created by Mauricio Torrescano and can be described by the fusion of painting and sculpture in a single medium or material that is modeling clay, and various artistic styles such as impressionism, surrealism, realism, pointillism, popart, into one artwork in which reality and fantasy are combined with textures, colors and volumes visually enriching the viewer, causing the drive to play the artwork (unable to do), making involved at a deeper level of perception.

It is an achievement of 30 years of artistic development, mastering self-taught different graphics options and media such as the pencil, charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, airbrush, ink, oil, pastel, engraving, in addition to the sculpture, through the desire to do both disciplines paint and sculpt at the same time in 1993 comes this technique has been shown in several exhibitions at national and international level individually and collectively and being collected by art collectors, companies and celebrities.

Artist Statement

Everything is about decisions in life…. When you are an artist, there is a time of decision that is fundamental for your career and you have to decide to be painter or sculptor, but when I get to that point, I can’t decide so I choose to do both disciplines at the same time in a single material that is Modeling clay. Yes that material that you use since you are a child to play with or when you becomes sculptor you use it as a base of the creation, never the final artwork, and this is because you think that it’s a fragile material, that won’t last, that it will melt, and it’s kind of just disposable material, but when I dis- cover that I can give color as the painting does, but all the textures and volume that you can reach with sculpture and that is a material that last longer than oil painting because of it’s composition, then I knew that I have endless possibilities and the best of all I don’t have to choose…

Over time my art focus on experimenting different visual effects and the boundaries of the material, so I went through landscapes, animals, human expression and objects dis- covering new effects and developing the technique.
So it was time of decisions again… the style of art that I will create, so I choose to fusion the best styles for me in art, as Impressionism, Surrealism, Realism, pointillism and pop art in a single artwork creating an artistic style that I call Fusionism and the result of this perform blends the fantasy and reality in a single artwork that is powerful in textures, volumes, color and expressions, for me is a tribute to life and the wonderful things involved.


Mauricio Torrescano

Pears 16-x-19-ich-2014 modeling clay 27 x 30 inch framed

Fight of the century



Venice-Passion 23-x-35-ich-2014 modeling clay 29 x 41 inch framed

Jose Sulaiman

Reflections-of-the-city-16-x-19-ich-2014 modeling clay 27 x 30 inch framed




Mayweather gym mural painting