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The Garden of My Imagination | Blacklight Murals by Debi Cable

I create my Blacklight Murals and artwork to be experienced in a true 3D immersive environment, surrounding all who enter in a magical, surreal place, that usually only would exist in the imagination of a childlike dream.

Debi Cable’s 3D Blacklight Experience is mobil Museum Art Installation that’s Blowing Minds , From Created from the artistic inspirations from the Burning Man Culture and then Becoming one of the Highlights of Insomniac’s  Electric Daisy Carnival , to Dazzling the Fine Arts Patrons of the Beverly Hills Art Show , as well as creating an incredible Installation for an entire wing of Lancaster Museum , Celebrating the Opening With a Unique, Glowing 3D Mothers Day Tea Party .  Vibrant Fluorescent hand painted murals , delights and inspires audiences of all ages. From Magical Gardens, to Surreal landscapes beyond the Imagination of a childlike dream , that seem to come to life while wearing artists signature 3D Glasses
IMG_3510Lancaster Museum 3D Installation (2)106 Brewery Artwalk10549008_754928344570591_930815014474106760_o11033097_10206401036613644_261708518_oedc-14IMG_0355IMG_0425IMG_2268IMG_2599IMG_2646IMG_3086IMG_3091
Nocturnal Wonderland 2temple 1