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Gates of Ideation

Are we slowly but certain losing the ability to ideate about own life? It is scientifically proven that when we fall into reverie, we reflect about own life. Why do I get up in the morning? Example. I start the kettle to make a cup of coffee. While I wait, I would in the past, start musing! Today I by reflex pull my mobilphone and start staring focused on the screen. Focused stare – you forget yourself. Unfocused stare – you think of yourself. 


Joachim Høst. Born 1970, lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

As a advertising film director he has, furthermore won honors in Cannes and received millions of online views and likes for his work. But a liberating depression, due to an identity collapse saved his personality and gave him the opportunity of a new and eager start. Now his works is targeted himself. For Høst art is a materialization of the human incomprehensible. Høst’s art is driven by a desirable self-consciousness, and thus revelation of his fellow men. Høst’s diverse works –  in sculpture, painting, photography and film in his yet to come, desirable debut exhibition. 

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