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Geometrical Fragments

Razvan Dumitru (b 1989, Ploiesti) is a Romanian painter. He graduated Ion Mincu University of Architecture in 2013, but followed his more bohemian passions and focused on digital art and painting. His works offer a new perspective on geometry, highlighting the fragmentary nature of life. Stylized sharp shapes fluent in color language aim to take the viewer to a place where perceptions change.

Chapter I

The fragmentary nature of life is rendered physically, using geometrical forms that spread their colors on wood for a deeper feeling. Watch out for the sharp shapes, they’re filled with grace.

Depth – oil on wood panel 100x70cm


Little Houses – oil on wood panel 100x70cm


Love Story – oil on wood panel 100x70cm


Eve(r)ything – oil on wood panel 100x70cm


Chapter II

Welcome to the wild side of geometry. This world of raw emotions intertwined with colors and lines is ready to be seen. Tame one.

The Jellyfish – oil on wood panel 100x70cm

The Seahorse – oil on wood panel 100x70cm


The Seashell – oil on wood panel 100x70cm