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Gestural abstracts

This series of work produced on photo paper uses printers ink and water.

Gestural abstracts that flow through concentration and meditation. Shapes and colors merge and emerge on paper inspired by the softness of the technique and the ability to convey emotions and feelings.

After several trials I was able to develop this technique which provides light and motion. To start this work you have to mentally biuld what you intend, select the colors and apply the water accurately.The gestures are intentional but the result is most times surprising. The abstract works in watercolor on paper are inspired by fractals and sacred geometry. I use the watery painting technique to produce diffuse effects and O create geometric shapes using forms produced by the fusion of pigments and water. The idea of joining two standpoints, the concrete and the abstract, with harmony and balance, produces the effect of serenity and peace. The intention is that the viewer can admire and absorb this harmony, being provided with a pleasurable experience, invigorating and who knows, perhaps even mystical."Starfish""Direções""Dance of the wind""Untitled"