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Giacomo Agnetti | Air Monsters

Giacomo Agnetti | Air Monsters.

Parma-native Giacomo Agnetti was born in 1978 and moved to Milan in 2005 to begins at the town’s School of Cinema, Television and New Media. After starting out directing animated short films on his own, one year later he founded the Magic Mind Corporation, a film production studio specializing in animation and documentaries. He produced, wrote and directed multi-winning award shorts such as Tramondo (2006), About Love(2008) that have been selected in festival alla over the world. Since 2010 he’s working trying to mix animation and real footage in documentaries. His last documentary (Low Cost Flocks 2014) has been included in the official selection at the New York Indipendent Film Festival and awarded as Best Documentary at the VFF 2015. He worked as documentarist in Egypt, Kenya, Italy, Portugal, France, Uk, Turkey, Germany, Norway, Argentina and North Pole.

Giacomo is currently working also as illustrator. The images come from the book for children “I mostri d’aria” (Air Monsters) by Giacomo Agnetti and Mario Ferraguti. The air monsters are the Nature keepers, they made things happen. Monsters do many things: some of them move the fog from valleys, other help aeroplanes to flight, some bends rainbows. All of them want to be invisible.


Giacomo Agnetti | Air Monsters Giacomo Agnetti | Air Monsters