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Giorgia Haran Gallery

Giorgia Haran Gallery.

Vincent Van Gogh once said: “Paintings have a life of their own that derives from the painter’s soul.
My name is Haran Giorgia, I am 20 years old,and I am a fine artist. I don`t have many things to say about me. I usually prefer to let  people know me from my artworks,because they represents the best what exists inside.
My mind,my soul,and my energy are all focused in what I create everyday.
Certainly, it`s a complex process. I try not to have repetitive visual subjects or common themes. I read a lot and, despite all the stereotypes about artists, I stay anchored pretty well in reality. This way, anything can become a source of inspiration to me. I use life models, pictures, and a lot of research before starting the paintings, but, finally, most of them are made adding my unique touch.
I prefer to create collections or sets because I think that this way I have the opportunity to use a lot of different techniques while exploring different social problems in each of my set.
In a big part of my artwork I renounce the concept of “me,myself”, using instead the idea of “us,society”. I truly believe in unity and change. Obviously, the big change begins with myself first, but goes on to the society I try to change, the society I am part of.
We all can find ourselves in my canvases. It remains to be seen how each of us identifies themselves with them.
The joy and the suffer,the love and the agony, become the primary language of my canvases.
I consider that my artworks are not just simple pieces of galleries and museums. I like to think that they are breathing and can change  a people`s life.

For me,art is not just  a way of making money,but a way of living.

Giorgia Haran Gallery.

technique: watercolors and ink
from collection:”Space Oddity”

year: 2017
technique: ink on paper
from collection: “Quo Vadis”

year: 2016
technique: colored pencils on paper

year: 2017
technique: acryl on canvas
(30×39 cm)

year: 2017
technique: charcoal,burned siena and white pastel on cardboard
(31×31 cm)

year: 2017
technique: charcoal,white pastel and acryl on canvas
(50×40 cm)