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Giovanni Alfano – stillness and silence

Giovanni Alfano

Explaining Giovanni Alfano work, has written” Giovanni Alfano subjects are blocked and helpless, with their hands covering their faces in order to protect their identity and to keep their disturbances hidden, reveiling two opposing forces: exposing themselves to the eye and at the same time hiding their own. The result is stillness and silence..

Pain, hopelessness, shyness, fear, shame, are some of the emotions which don’t belong only to one’s body and mind any more, but are by now an integral part of the social environment, of its values and of its rules. For this reason the carachters try to defend themselves from the interaction with others, undergoing their sight anyway. Painted en grisaille, in a velvety grey, hit by a widespread and diffuse light, they introduce us in a path of perception and contemplation more psycological and introspective, without hindrance of colours.”



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