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Gisella Mura

…Are intense colors that illuminate this matter better, doughy bright color that characterize all the works of the latter production and that in some ways hark back to a magical imagination and ancestral…

In the works of Gisella Walls poetry composition emerges through clear visions of creativity. It is secular twist stories written under the banner of formal sophistication. Figures and Hells, fires or rising stars, naked female feed the underground fire by Gisella Walls, a fire that perpetually strengthens its creative spirit, the colors are laid with clear for sanding trade secret unconfessed and utopias of the characters, about the dreams crashing. The reds and gilli make Garland over bodies elected: the sacredness born for the balance of the forms in which the hand of the artist intervenes with rare genius and lyrical breath.


nascita di una stella





la sacer-dotessa


oltre lo sguardo

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