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Gluten-Free Museum Removes Gluten From Famous Artwork

French graphic artist Arthur Coulet has created a Tumblr called the Gluten-Free Museum that removes everything containing gluten from famous classical paintings. Some of the changes are subtle, while others are huge, but they all share one common vision – a world without gluten.

Gluten is a protein that forms when proteins in wheat and other grains are mixed with water while being processed. Most of us are fine with it. Celiac disease, however, makes gluten react with and damage the small intestines. Though only about 1% of the population has gluten, there has been a recent movement suggesting that gluten causes many more issues and that avoiding it can help treat or even cure a wide range of diseases. Though most of these people don’t actually need to avoid gluten, the growing popularity of gluten-free food has caused an explosion in food choices for those actually affected by Celiac disease.

More info: Tumblr (h/t: dangerousminds) (boredpanda) (demilked)nutrition-art-paintings-gluten-free-museum-arthur-coulet-7 - Copynutrition-art-paintings-gluten-free-museum-arthur-coulet-2 - Copynutrition-art-paintings-gluten-free-museum-arthur-coulet-8 - Copy nutrition-art-paintings-gluten-free-museum-arthur-coulet-3 - Copy nutrition-art-paintings-gluten-free-museum-arthur-coulet-4 - Copy nutrition-art-paintings-gluten-free-museum-arthur-coulet-5 - Copy nutrition-art-paintings-gluten-free-museum-arthur-coulet-6 - Copy nutrition-art-paintings-gluten-free-museum-arthur-coulet-9 - Copy nutrition-art-paintings-gluten-free-museum-arthur-coulet-11 - Copy nutrition-art-paintings-gluten-free-museum-arthur-coulet-12 - Copy nutrition-art-paintings-gluten-free-museum-arthur-coulet-13 - Copy nutrition-art-paintings-gluten-free-museum-arthur-coulet-15 - Copy nutrition-art-paintings-gluten-free-museum-arthur-coulet-16 - Copy nutrition-art-paintings-gluten-free-museum-arthur-coulet-18 - Copy nutrition-art-paintings-gluten-free-museum-arthur-coulet-19More info: Tumblr (h/t: dangerousminds) (boredpanda)