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One of the many mysteries of the Universe is the human race.
Perhaps we are a “cultivated” species, programmed for a purpose that escapes us,
created with a meticulous genetic engineering and a specific expiration date for
what our time is limited, finite. Could this be why simply existing is not
We are a species that can not find peace in anything, we are too curious to not
want to know, always questioning our own desires, our aspirations or our
identity. We fight against the inevitable and we believe in conflicts. Why do we
risk so much? If we are victims, not only by external causes, but by our own
nature, is it worth sacrificing ourselves to understand?
Inspired by the sci-fi novel by the writer Anna Bay, the painter Ivo Sirakov
takes us to a change of perspective, to question our existence with brush
strokes of an aggressive red, present in almost all his paintings.
Perhaps we are the echoes of a distant past, lesser gods escaped from the reins
of a greater power and which we have not yet been able to overcome completely.
If the species that survives is not the strongest, nor the most intelligent, but
the most adaptable to change, then how gods, intimately we are, we should not
have any problem. We can change, we can be more than death and destruction, we
can be almost human gods in search of a lost purpose.
The painter fills our eyes with that red color, in its different tonalities, for
emphasizing the dilemma.
Why red? Because it is the only color that immediately evokes two opposite
meanings: life and death, red love and blood red.
If for each successful progress, there is an evolutionary path with no exit that
leads to extinction, if to survive it is necessary to adapt to change, to
coexistence, red is the color that can define it well. We just have to choose
its meaning.
Are we humans aspiring to be gods or, on the contrary, gods who try to be human?

Dr. Anna Bay


“Oraculo de Delfos Gallery”

Benidorm, Spain



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