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Golden Dancers

Circus Arts are being featured in this unique series called the Golden Dancers.

In this series, dancers from all walks of life are painted in metallic colors and pose in front of a solid backdrop to create ethereal images. The intention in this series is to highlight the dancers, their strength, their grace, their connection without distractions from costumes and props. The painting process (skin friendly metallic powder mixed with liquid make up painted with paint brushes) takes about 2 hours. The poses are selected and rehearsed before the painting starts. During the session, countless touch up of paint have to be applied to get a uniform look. Each dancer wears similar outfits (tight shorts for the guys and sport bra and shorts for the girls) that are painted in the same color. The result of this series is a striking display of circus art that make the dancers look like living statues. The series is on going and will, in the future, include acrobats, jugglers, stilt walkers, strap dancers, a ballerina and possibly some underwater as well.Grace

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