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Gourd Lamp Magic

Hyotan Magic Gourd lamp from Japan is new original making at technique exceeding the concept so far, which is Using a delicate glass cut technique to gourd mild form, it represents Magical time of the light world.

Traditional Japanese pattern, carving a hemp handle to a large whole gourd, decorated gourd Magic peculiar round cut was a small glass during the traditional pattern. Delicate traditional pattern in fragile gourd, work to fit the glass there is it takes a tremendous amount of time and technology. Etc. there gourd lamps are numerous carved traditional pattern, style fitting the glass gourd magic one and only

Crazy Traditon


This work is cut round the glass of rainbow color, it is what went fitted to the gourd small round. Although its own shine is also great, it will lead what you see also rainbow colors reflected on the wall and to the special time


This work is a work that was completed by repeating the elaborate glass cut and gourd cut. While using the form that originally gourd has, a delicate embedding the glass work in the fragile Do gourd material expresses the world of a little crazy flower. Glass all are using the Japan of antique glass, and has a work to feel a quiet passion.


Delicate Flower

The connected work as a circular molecule  is a very delicate operation that is not allowed to fail. This peace also have plenty of use represent the nostalgic world of Japanese antique glass that has not been made already. To have the appearance of colorful but was quiet will because of the original beautiful form gourd. I would like you to enjoy the lovely world of small circles and flowers connect


ASA is a hemp. “Hemp” from ancient times is used in Shinto rituals as sacred、and this traditional pattern meaning of the prayer of the growth and the talisman. This tradition By matching the round cut glass is a characteristic of the gourd Magic to handle, was flapping into the pop world the existing traditional pattern. Create a traditional pattern and light and glass that goes to the wall the world invites what you see into the space, such as the magic.



Gourd Magic Lamp with Sakura

Gourd Magic Lamp with Sakura

New Traditon