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Gravity Meditation

Gravity Meditation is Stone Balance Art project by Pascal (林守山) aka Stone Whisperer. Powered by Globetrotter Photography.

Stones attracted me since I was a little! Its the shape, the colour and much more which makes each stone a unique piece of matter! It was in 2oo7 when I travelled in northern India on a sunny day up in the Himalayas. I suddenly felt I wanna do something special to show my appreciation of “being here” to Mother Earth. I start collecting rocks for 2 days and build a over 6 feet high tower. This was just the beginning of a long story of rock stacking all around the world.

When I visited Luzon island of northern Philippines in early 2o12 it was one of those days when the stones spoken to me and I start stacking … but I did not stop this time, I continued for 3 days till I stand in between 42 rock piles, it was this key experience which opened a new door to my creativity, its the balance which captured my attention.

Back in Taiwan I immediately start to focus on balancing small and big stones on top of each other, as more I practise as harder it became to not doing it. To me its a magic discovery, me relation to stones was revolutionised, it became a interactive relation where I give balance to the rocks and they give balance to my life, this is the story how I came to Gravity Meditation.