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Greek Mythology


1. Dionysus and the Maenads- Oil on Canvas (98cm x 96cm)

​2. Hermes – Oil on wood (111 cm x 111 cm)unnamed-1​3. Aphrodite and Ares – Oil on canvas (90cm x 90 cm)unnamed-2

​4. The Birth of Aphrodite – Oil on canvas (100cm x 100 cm) unnamed-3

​5. Karyatides – Oil on canvas (67cm x 67cm) unnamed

​6.  Zeus and Danae – Oil on canvas (90cm x 90 cm)

Two and a half years ago I left my country, my family, job and house to come to live in Greece despite the crises. Somehow I manage to live only of my art . The Hellenic temples, nature and Greek culture give me inspiration to paint and experiment. My aim is to keep the greek myths alive, and I do so by capturing them on canvas and using my own life also as inspiration.