The H Lazarus: some works

Binary Monk (digital painting, 2014)

Saint Hieronymus in his brand new study (oil on canvas, 2011)

Grace (acrylics on wood, 2014

Dawn, shore (acrylics on wood, 2015)

The H Lazarus

With derived influences from Neo-Pop Surrealism, Cyberpunk, saints agiographies, her works moves syncretically from mithology to technology, without never citing directly the source but suggesting the existence of another world, a whole one, fusion of the material as much as the spiritual side of mankind.
The attempt of her works is to backtrack the spiritual, the mystic part that new technologies can evoke -may it be unintentional- in which where man go further its animal, mechanic being to open to the super-natural.
There is an over-space, beyond that veil, a place where dycotomies find peace in laying in a whole one, which is spirit as much as matter, man as much as technology, emotion as much as reason, that draws a complete circle between past and present, the sciaman and the scientist.
Much further, in a mundane now where religious ideology seems to define itself like an absolut in a certain and well defined hierarchy of imagery and practice, The H Lazarus show us that past them, over the face that we want the mystic to have, there is just one primordial and ancient entity, which resides in men and over them, that will accompany them for all its existence and that defies every explication: mistery.
The mistery of an order designing itself out of chaos, of something greater than us that manifests itself via subtle hues, and the mistery of being a part of it, accepting nonetheless to be uncapable of solving it.


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