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Handmade Sculptures Caricatures by Zarko Mandic

Artists, musicians, actors, sportsmen and all of those who we consider to be role models, who we idealize and see as superheroes, with all their virtues and flaws, appear in a comical way through sculptures caricatures by Zarko Mandic. And by that he means no disrespect, the caricatures aren’t grotesque. With a subtle emphasis of their portrait features, in a charming and humorous way, he caricatures our idols and role models. Caricatures are made of clay (reinforced, air-dry natural earth clay), hand-painted, multi-layer varnish protected, and they all are originals, unique.

That kind of sculpture becomes our friend, provokes feelings of intimacy and further on, it inspires us and creates that magical and spiritual bond with the portrayed person.



Sculpture caricature of Bill Murray by Zarko Mandic

Bill Murray

Sculpture caricature of Jim Jarmusch by Zarko Mandic

Jim Jarmusch



Sculpture caricature of Uma Thurman by Zarko Mandic

Uma Thurman


The Rolling Stones