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Hanging Gardens/ Metamorphoses

My project Hanging Gardens/Metamorphoses . The sculptures could be an artist’s counter to the ongoing destruction of nature by industry. The sectional cut recycled wood was likened by me to industrial smokestacks. With natural wood I try to construct, carves and build structural forms that challenge humanity’s destruction of nature. This is a museum of memory, of the human interaction with, and destruction of nature, all carefully made, piece by piece, by the human hand. The arch is an invitation to nature, the backdrop for all human activity. Human sculpture becomes a mirror to nature. The title itself Metamorphoses suggests change, elemental, microcosmic, major and always occurring invisibly in response to life, to human displacement and transformation of the landscapes we live with on planet earth. Main envisions the smokestack/arches as an imaginary construction emerging and disappearing into the ground like a snake. In Metamorphoses, the poet Ovid once wrote, “Nothing keeps its own form, and Nature, the renewed of things, refreshes one shape from another.” Nature’s resilience is omnipresent, ever changing, but nothing is ever lost, just transferred, transposed, metamorphosed just as main sculpture environment will change as nature reclaims, and grows from within my artwork.

Metamrphoses Darmstadt, Germany

Hanging gardens metamorphoses

Hanging Gardens, Darmstadt