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Hanging on a nail

Hang it on the wall :)

Clippings of magazine pages (Vogue, Velvet, National Geographic, Colors. etc.) transformed into canvas“. The nails are the protective structure.
New connections between form, material and function.
#Decontextualization #deconstruction and #metamorphosis.

Eye shu BlueLady Shu Daydream Shu

alien+details copyMessage in a bottle Shu Detail Shu WayOut Shu Detail Shu Detail Shu Vacuum Shu Worldpink Shu Magic pink Shu Magic pink Shu Sfumature Shu

clima_shu det clima3 Inside the nature Shu Squaredrops Shu


Rainbow Chair Detail Shu

Transformation of a famous design product


Mar ShuTierra Shu


My works originate from various artistic
researches about materials and their
life-cycles. Themes related to nature, reality,
form, and transformation process that
encourage me to find out new technical
and stylistic ways in order to show
“life-cycle” and “recycling” concepts.
I use newspapers or magazines all tied by
nails. I choose the square as my focus and
i multiply it inside a structure “remarked”
by nails. From an abstract module to a global
vision that remembers memories of
colored puzzles.
Each piece of paper has his own color
a unique image or simply it is related
to the next one.

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