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Harvester The series


Harvester is a series which is based on a dystopian world, a world injured by the massive climate change we are facing, a world that might be right around the corner. In the series we follow a girl through an ordinary day, in a deserted world in search of supplies. Loneliness is valued and moments occur where the environment shows its beautiful side and there is time to enjoy the old and hope for the new.

I want to set focus on the effect the world around us is slowly but yet fast is changeing around us, not in a scary/terribly documentation, but more peaceful.

1. Kasper-Christiansen-harvester-ally 2. Kasper-Christiansen-harvester-Walkway 3. Kasper-Christiansen-harvester-Hospital 4. Kasper-Christiansen-harvester-Medic-room 5. Kasper-Christiansen-harvester-forest-road 6. Kasper-Christiansen-harvester-field 7. Kasper-Christiansen-harvester-forrest 8. Kasper-Christiansen-harvester-cave 9. Kasper-Christiansen-harvester-Bay