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Artist: Hayk Matsakyan

Hayk Matsakyan is an Armenian contemporary artist who currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California.


All in one piece hand sculpted and carved in plaster, painted over with oil paint. No medium has been used to achieve the crackle effect. The bull is symbolizing the power in this piece, where a simple touch of a tiny little hummingbird can be more powerful and destroying than anything else. Love can destroy anger. A single kiss can change your inner world and the world surrounding you. Little things can make big changes in our lives…

Hayk Matsakyan-The Power of TouchTitle: The Power of Touch

Year: 2015

Medium: hand carved and sculpted ceramics/ oil on canvas

Size: 30×40 inches

Hand carved and sculpted ceramics on canvas, painted over with oil paint. Time flies… The movement of a clock and the movement of the horse is symbolizing how fast time passes by…I started experimenting with plaster in hope of combining sculpting and painting in one single piece, making it look like a 3 dimensional painting, at the same time keeping the concept of traditional painting with some innovative techniques. No metal part has been involved in this piece. Hand sculpted and carved in single piece.

Title: The Time

Year: 2015

medium: ceramics and oil on canvas

Size: 30×40 inches

Artist: Hayk Matsakyan

facebook: HaykMatsakyanArt

Born in 1981 in the City of Vanadzor, Armenia, Hayko studied and graduated from the School of Fine Arts of S. Aghajanyan in 1996. Subsequent to that he attended classes of drawing and painting in St. Petersburg, Russia, refining his own visual and conceptual vocabulary. Throughout his career he participated in numerous international art contests and exhibitions worldwide and has been nominated and won multiple prizes, certificates of recognition and honorable mentions. Hayko’s work can be found in myriad of private art collections both in the United States and abroad.

“My influences come first and foremost from  everything I see, feel and experience in life, however I have always been inspired by remarkable work of the well-known artists of the past and contemporary art world. Most of my subject matter is focused on transformation of human nature through my own fantasy and depicted as imaginary characters and objects. Consciously employing both traditional and innovative techniques, my unconscious always rules in my eternal art world.”



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