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Heavy Heart | music video, photography and cinemagraphs by Hanna Turi, Vilija Vitkute & Simon Bo Silverdahl

HEAVY HEART – music video, cinemagraph & photography.


Official music video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KZGIliRtUI&feature=youtu.be

That feeling of disconnection to the world, a sense of failure and confusion to where you belong is an everyday life to many people. Hanna Turi’s new single and music video Heavy Heart describes how negative thoughts takes over and creates it’s own universe parallell to reality.


– Those times I’ve been really down I felt completely outside the world, like an error in the code, lacking context. It’s a scary feeling that we wanted to portray through cinemagraphs, where you use still photo and video in the same sequence.


With modern film technic and a thought behind every detail Hanna shows another example of strong, innovative visuals – a common thread through all of her videos. Together with director and artist Vilija Vitkuté and film maker Simon Silverdahl Heavy Heart takes you to melancholic fields where, in some sense, we’ve all been at some points in our lives.

HEAVY HEART OFFICIAL VIDEO – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KZGIliRtUI&feature=youtu.be


Photography – Vilija Vitkute

Filmmaker/ Editor – Simon Bo Silverdahl

Music/Model/ Actress – Hanna Turi