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Hedgerow Symmetry

Richard Cook

I studied Film, Television & Photography at college in London. My interest is in the play of colour, texture and tone that I observe in nature and in people. I get really close to my subjects – especially with my photographic work. I re-work images taken in the field using digital software to explore the micro textures and colours that nature, and the specific subject matter presents. It’s much more of a ‘small view’ than large scale perspective. My aim, with this photographic work is to delight and surprise the viewer – to see an abstracted nature re-presented and yet still accessible from a new perspective.

Website: www.richardcookart.com


The Gate

The Bush

Space between leaves

Seeds in the wind

Seed Swirls

Seed Heads

Rust in the Undergrowth

Mauve Leaf

Greenest Leaf of all

Custard Flowers

Blue in Green

Blues Blossom

Burgundy Leaf Edge