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Heikedine Günther’s Rock Series – Witnesses of Distant Times

Heikedine Günther’s Rock Series – Witnesses of Distant Times.

In her Rock Series, the artist Heikedine Günther converts the in her Œuvre predominant symbol of the core to the shape of the rock. Contrary to the development and the potential growth of the core, the rock symbolizes the opposite of the core-inherent properties. Growth becomes a manifestation, while any temporal implication to the essence of time is per se solidified. The stone is pointing both in the past and in the future, being a witness of distant times, as it may survive us humans. It will not grow to decay, but will continue to exist and transform as long as its environment allows it. This supposed promise of eternity also rubs off on its use in art history, since the profound connection between rock and art goes back to the origins of mankind. The rock as an archaic symbol has imprinted itself on the depths of human understanding, as same as its material nature has always been an occasion for creation or worship. Because of their durability, rocks and stone blocks are mostly considered symbols of the immovable, permanent and solid, and thus also as divine signs.

The artist herself collects historically meaningful stones, fascinated by their versatile structures, textures and the ages from which they originate. She is particularly interested in tool stones from the stone age, ancient Menhir stones, Japanese Suiseki stones Chinese scholar’s rocks as well as Korean jade mountain art. The calm and strength that the rocks radiate in their surroundings are transferred to the process of painting. By placing the canvas horizontally, each painting becomes the center of cyclical almost meditative movements during the painting process.

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Core No. 424- April2020 - oil on canvas - 180x120cm