Hendriko | Mystic Shape

Indonesia Design Theory Mystic Hendriko
A trip that spends a lot of thought, search and curiosity tahu.Beberapa proving the theory – a theory. I took some of a theory of Greece and some other produce “Mystic Shape” Why did I make a picture like this? Due to the design as well as painting a result of mankind’s journey and explain in some form of break down the brain to think what is the meaning of it all, then some of the actors and the art connoisseur to find out the meaning behind it all. Why ? For myself it was a lesson hidup.Sebuah key to not find fault will be an endless journey that does not know where.

Kursi Goyang Sebuah perjalanan yang menghabiskan banyak pemikiran,pencarian dan rasa ingin tahu.Beberapa pembuktian akan teori - teori. A trip that spends a lot of thought, search and curiosity. Some proving the theory - a theory.

MENGUNCIINGATANTrangle Imajitree of life


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